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lusting for a good book

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vocis @ 02:32 am: I completely missed February's book of the month due to, well, crap. I'm going to try to pick it & March's book up in a week or so, but I've a lot of things I need to finish and start.

I'm still working on Plato's The Republic and am only about a half-dozen stories into Gene Wolfe's collection Endangered Species. At least the Wolfe book I'll be able to get through pretty quickly, but Plato is kind of dry. :)

Come to think of it, what is the book of the month for March? Did I miss the post?


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Date:April 5th, 2005 05:03 pm (UTC)
A few of them at the beginning of the volume seem really rushed at the end, like he got tired of writing the story or had to wrap it up quick for word count reasons (and didn't feel like going back to edit the word count down). Aside from that minor criticism, the stories are on the whole what you would expect from Wolfe; they are well written and often somewhat inscrutable at first pass. (At least to me his stories are. I almost always feel like I've missed something and have to go back and reread sections if not the entire story to figure out just what the hell happened.)

I think his particular style is probably better suited to novels rather than short stories, but Endangered Species did make for an enjoyable read. (Also, I am not a writer and have never had a critical reading course, so I can say none of that with any kind of authority.)
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